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Bru Gold offers you an undiluted taste of rich coffee in a convenient manner. It is a perfect blend of highquality Arabica and Robusta coffee beans that provide you the taste and aroma you look for in your coffee. The coffee is then packed using the latest technology to deliver a mix that retains its qualities for a long time. This coffee powder is also easy to use as it mixes effortlessly with water and milk. This smooth coffee mix is an excellent way to start a fresh day, or catch up on some important moments. Get the Bru Gold Instant Coffee pack right away, because this richness is what you need in your cup .Pure agglomerated soluble coffee.Arabica and Robusta bean composition for a superior aroma and taste.Transfer contents into an airtight container and andstore in a cool, dry, and hygienic place. Usage Directions: 1. Pour a teaspoon of Bru instant powder in a cup.2. Add hot water and milk 3. Add sugar to taste, stir well and enjoy a yummy hot cup of Bru.

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